License Infringement

MBUSSARD has discovered an important natural active ingredient and has developed product solutions as well as submitting property rights, IP rights, patent claims.

The natural active ingredient GTX is currently in an approval phase in the EU and other countries for use as a rodenticide in agriculture, private gardens and households, commercial buildings, and public spaces and parks. GTX is currently used to successfully control mice in agriculture with its authorisation as a bio control plant part.

Using the natural active ingredient GTX, we solve significant problems in the EU and we also see it as our duty to monitor, prevent and prosecute the use of illegal, chemical substances and rodenticides in agriculture, as our property rights and licence rights can be damaged by such illegal activities and financial damages can then arise.

This is comparable to the prosecution of protected apple varieties such as Pink Lady - anyone planting these apple varieties illegally can be prosecuted as property rights are damaged.