Rodenticide Monitoring

We monitor the use of prohibited, chemical rodenticides in South Tyrol as well as in other regions and EU countries. Animal-rights activists and conservationists can also automatically inform us in concrete cases. Every agriculturist and business can assume that they will be monitored at least once every 2 years.

We will prosecute concrete cases and do so only to benefit agriculturists in South Tyrol and the EU as we would like to lead the way with a pioneering spirit and, therefore, completely abstain from chemical rodenticides in agriculture. To this end, GTX is a natural active ingredient which improves the environment and is biologically degradable.

It is also about building a brand and certification in South Tyrol, the EU and globally because our product solutions, from rodenticides to bio controls for controlling mice, voles and rodents are natural active ingredients based on honey, among other things.