Bio Agrar Food Control (BAFC) South Tyrol sells natural active ingredients with interesting properties and natural pest control product solutions, especially for controlling mice and rats in agricultural areas.

Bio Agrar Food Control develops biological systems, biocontrols and product solutions for use in bio organic and conventional agriculture.  A special honey + extract with GTX is used as a foodstuff and can be very beneficial for controlling mice, for example. Around 2-5 grams of this honey is able to induce cardiac arrest in a rodent (field mouse, house mouse, vole, rat, etc.) in a timespan of a few hours to a few days following oral ingestion and it can therefore effectively control rodent pests within agriculture.

We believe that the product will be approved + licensed for use as a biocide and/or biopesticide in the EU and further countries. One thing became clear to us relatively quickly whilst we were carrying out our work, and that was that the right natural active ingredients are often more effective and more biologically degradable than chemical substances.

Our product range is continuously being expanded and we place a large amount of value on effective products with very low or no risk to human health, animals, the environment, groundwater, fertile land and, above all, to substances being biologically degradable and, therefore, unable to cause damage to agriculturally cultivated areas and the environment.